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Festival Diary, Friday 22 July

Festival Daily Diary // Friday 22 July

10:30 Seminar Raindance Presents: 99 Minute Film School Free Hospital Club
12:00 Guest Screening Kerry Film Festival (Ireland) Free Curzon Soho
12:30 Seminar Amps Presents: Sound Production Free Deluxe Soho
14:00 Guest Screening Dazzle Films (UK) Free Curzon Soho
14:30 Guest Screening Shorts Film Festival (Australia) Free Deluxe Soho
16:00 Guest Screening Bornshorts (Denmark) Free Curzon Soho
17:00 Guest Screening An Audience with Addictive TV Free Apple store
18:15 Official Screening Long Form Category // Programme 1 £6-£10 ICA 1
20:45 Official Screening Music Video Category £6-£10 ICA 1

10:30 | The Hospital Club | Raindance Presents: 99 MINUTE FILM SCHOOL

In just one morning you can emerge from this special Raindance session with your head bursting with useful facts about the different aspects of filmmaking.

Elliot Grove, the founder of Raindance will be teaching and advising on how to acquire a practical yet intriguing script, finding the most fitting actors to fill the character roles and crew to assist you in bringing it all together. The issue of money is also tackled, how to get sponsors and how to get paid are of high priority, and this can often be the most challenging task.

In addition to all that, getting your movie out there and distributed for the largest number of people to see is often every filmmaker’s ultimate goal and every resource should be taken advantage of. With modern social networking tools such as facebook and twitter, drawing attention and creating hype for your film is more facilitated than ever before.

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12:30 | Deluxe Soho | Amps Presents: SOUND PRODUCTION

All too often nowadays sound is considered something that can take a back seat during pre-production and shooting, more and more thought of as an element that can be remedied in post. Aimed at producers and industry professionals, this seminar will layout a best practice approach to getting sound right on your production, highlighting key steps and tips.

Giving consideration to all the elements of the sound department, the seminar will guide us through the workflow of sound designers, editors, mixers and composers via case studies from within the profession.

There will be a Q&A session for the last part of the seminar where the professionals can offer general opinions and specific advice in response to the audience’s questions and queries.

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14:30 | Deluxe Soho | SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL

Shorts Film Festival stands alone as Australia’s only national film festival and competition entirely dedicated to championing the specialist art of storytelling through film.

Founded by acclaimed Australian producer David Lightfoot, Shorts offers its filmmakers one of the country’s most lucrative and largest prize pools including a coveted first prize trip to Cannes Film Festival. Selected on the basis of outstanding storytelling in 20 minutes or less, this year’s program offers a showcase of the winning films from the 2011 Shorts Film Festival.

Previous Shorts winners have continued on to be awarded or nominated for the Australian Film Institute Awards and Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or, among others, and have also gone on to work on Academy Award winning films. Shorts entries are judged by up to 50 respected practitioners across the film and media industries.

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17:00 | Apple Store | An Audience with ADDICTIVE TV

When it comes to sampling films and remixing audio and video, London based artists Addictive TV have been leading the way for a number of years now, with their winning mixture of bootlegs and commercials.  Having officially remixed films for nearly all the major Hollywood studios as alternative trailers, including the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, Addictive TV have certainly broken new ground in their time – in 2008 they even remixed the Olympics Games live for television!

Having just played last month in post-revolution Tunisia, the guys have now clocked up performances all over the globe from the Glastonbury Festival to Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Arts.

Playing an exclusive short set of their work from over the years, the guys will treat the Applestore audience to favourites past and present before opening up to a Q&A with screenings of one or two rare unseen treats.

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About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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