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Festival Diary, Monday 25 July

Festival Daily Diary // Monday 25 July

10:30 Screening + Q&A Shorts and Features, Make Both Free Hospital Club
12:00 Guest Screening TenderFlix Programme Free Curzon Soho
12:30 Seminar Towergate Presents: Insurance for Shorts Free Deluxe Soho
14:00 Guest Screening Dazzle Films Free Curzon Soho
14:30 Screening+ Q&A RADA: Shorts Free Deluxe Soho
16:00 Guest Screening Aesthetica Magazine Shorts Free Curzon Soho
17:00 Seminar Future Of Documentary Free Apple store
17:30 Official Screening Long Form Category // Programme 2 £6-£10 ICA 2
18:30 Event Brain Wash Presents: A Special Form of Denial Free Sugarlesque
18:15 Official Screening Newcomer Category £6-£10 ICA 1
18:30 Seminar UK Screen Presents: VFX Meets MGFX Free UK Screen
20:00 Official Screening Music Video Category £6-£10 ICA 2
20:45 straight 8 straight 8 // Programme 1 £6-£10 ICA 1

10:30 | The Hospital Club | SHORTS AND FEATURES, MAKE BOTH

Paul Campion’s 2008 short film Eel Girl came second at that year’s RSSF. This year, he blasts back onto the filmmaking scene with The Devil’s Rock, his debut feature, a claustrophobic WW2-set horror, featuring Nazis, demonic possession and copious amounts of gore. On the morning of Monday the 25th of July, Soho Shorts welcome Mr. Campion to the Hospital Club, where we will screen Eel Girl, before diving head first into the deep end with a screening of The Devil’s Rock. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Paul, in which we’ll get to the bottom of that nagging question: just how did he go from a successful short to a distribution deal on a feature in just three years? Taking in work with Peter Jackson and digital effects roles on features such as Sin City, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Clash of the Titans, we’ll chart Paul’s inspiring success story for what promises to be an unmissable event.

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12:30 | Deluxe Soho | Towergate Presents: INSURANCE FOR SHORTS

Insurance: Get the right protection for your next production

Every film production is unique, but many of the risks faced remain constant. From covering equipment to cast, crew and locations; every filmmaker must consider what they could be made liable for should disaster strike.

This session will provide a guide to the essential covers that should be considered, and will offer a fascinating insight into what claims have been made when things do go wrong, and how they were handled.

Presented by Towergate’s entertainment insurance experts, topics will include ‘understanding your risks’, ‘selecting adequate cover’ and ‘minimising your claims exposure through effective risk management’. A Q & A with insurance experts will follow the presentation.

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14:30 | Deluxe Soho | RADA: SHORTS

Presented by Edward Hicks (Head of Film, TV & Radio)

A chance to see a selection of short films from both experienced playwrights and new emerging writers featuring the latest graduates from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. If you want to see some of the brightest emerging acting talent from the coming generation, this is the place to be. This event will be followed by a Q & A with Edward Hicks.

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Presented by Documentary Filmmakers Group

Integrated, cross-platform media is a Holy Grail being sought across most genres of filmmaking but how does that effect documentary filmmakers? Does hard-hitting documentary filmmaking on serious subjects hold a place in the changing media landscape or will it be overtaken by ‘constructed reality’ and mockumentary? How will independent documentary find a home among branded entertainment? Indeed, what can documentary filmmakers learn about engaging audiences from their entertainment-led competitors? Just perhaps, some of these questions will be answered.

Director Orlando von Einsiedel will be joining the panel along with one of the producers of The Only Way is Essex is 99% confirmed. and the director of the Gypsy Weddings series.

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18:00 | Sugarlesque | Brain Wash presents: A Special Form of Denial

Short film body Brain Wash has teamed up with lingerie boutique Sugarlesque and Rushes Soho Shorts to present a series of shorts by acclaimed filmmaker Marc Blackie. Taking inspiration from Japanese erotic art and nudey shows of yesteryear, Blackie delves into the beautiful and twisted world of voyeurism, exhibitionism and erotica, with sometimes disturbing and comic visual metaphors in his series titled A Special Form of Denial.

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18:30 | MPC | UK Screen VFX meets MGFX: Visual effects creating an identity

Presented by UK Screen

A look at the recent history and future of motion graphics and VFX

Revisiting the decade that gave birth to digital compositing, a panel of leading VFX/MGFX specialists share their experiences of an evolving VFX industry and how the scale of that industry has grown and continues to do so grow. Covering both long and short form projects they will delve in to the inspiration and creative thought process behind the scenes while considering the change in budgets and technological development.

The event forms part of Onion Training Sessions – a series of educational events created by UK Screen Association for members starting out their career in the industry.

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20:45 | ICA | STRAIGHT 8

straight 8, which has become one of Rushes’ most popular events, puts filmmakers into the unique position of seeing their own rushes at exactly the same time as the audience.

The brief is to shoot a film on one three-minute cartridge of super 8mm cine film. No editing is allowed, and the cartridge containing the film must be handed over exposed but undeveloped, along with a separate original soundtrack.

Because there’s no creative brief the resulting selection of films is always wildly diverse and the quality of the best films is astounding.

“There are no other film screenings that I know of where the audience sits with the directors, actors and crew to watch their film for the first time”, says straight 8 founder Ed Sayers, “apart from looking at the film through a viewfinder, they haven’t seen their work yet. Watching your film this way feels like both the fastest and slowest three minutes of your life at the same time.  And it’s brilliant that Rushes share our whole enthusiasm for that rawness of approach: ironic and refreshing coming from an organisation that’s all about technically polishing film.”

straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere – more details and past films are at www.straight8.net

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We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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