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Festival Diary, Tuesday 26 July

Festival Daily Diary // Tuesday 26 July

10:30 Seminar Script to Screen: Workflow for Film/TV/Adverts Free Hospital Club
12:00 Guest Screening Kirin Beer Films Free Curzon Soho
12:30 Seminar DigiCult Presents: New Talent, New Possibilities Free Deluxe Soho
14:00 Guest Screening Hollyshorts (USA) Free Curzon Soho
14:30 Screening Scottish Shorts Showcase Free Deluxe Soho
16:00 Guest Screening Reed.co.uk (UK) Free Curzon Soho
17:00 Seminar The Future of Animation: Creative Advertising Free Apple store
17:30 Official Screening Animation Category £6-£10 ICA 2
18:30 Event Brain Wash: Special Form of Denial Free Sugarlesque
18:15 Official Screening Short Film Category £6-£10 ICA 1
19:00 Party RSSF Networking Night Invite Tattershall Castle
20:00 Official Screening International Category £6-£10 ICA 2
20:45 straight 8 straight 8 // Programme 2 £6-£10 ICA 1



Presented by Adobe

Take your creative idea to the next level. Adobe’s video products are being used on everything from national soap operas to international feature films (and everything in-between). In this seminar we’ll show how to get your ideas from Script to Screen in a seamless Adobe workflow that allows your creativity to flourish every step of the way. Whether your focus is script writing, editing, effects, sound or delivery (or all of the above) this seminar might just change the way you do things forever!

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12:30 | Deluxe Soho | DigiCult Presents: NEW TALENT, NEW POSSIBILITIES?

With the new look BFI taking shape, Rushes opens the lid on talent development and short film production across Britain. Hosted by DigiCult – the home of Digital Shorts, Incubator and the Story Room in Glasgow – an exciting panel of creative executives and independent film-makers will wrestle with the thorny questions faced by every person aiming to make their mark on UK cinema. How do I get myself noticed? How do I get my hands on some funding? … But are people asking the right questions? DigiCult’s panel will discuss the qualities which set the successful film-maker apart from the wannabee. And what makes one film great and another forgettable.

Paul Welsh will be joined by Lizzie Francke, Senior Production and Development Executive at BFI’s Film Fund, Marc Boothe, Creative Producer at B3 Media and Jessica Ashman and Anna Odell from BAFTA winner Animation Fixing Luka.

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Digicult presents some of the best recent shorts from north of the border. Partnering with Creative Scotland, Screen Hi, VMS and GFF in 2011, over the last ten years, Digicult has established itself as one of the longest running and most successful independent talent development organisations in UK film. This showcase features some of the Cult’s recent award winning films plus other exceptional live action, animation and documentary shorts from the best emerging Scottish talent.

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Hosted by Encounters Animation

The production of commercials continues to be the ‘bread and butter’ for many animation companies and often provides the only revenue that funds other productions such as short form and experimental work. With the prevalence of CG work expanding alongside traditional forms such as hand-drawn and stop-motion what are the pressures and constraints facing commercial animation production in today’s market especially with the need to consider a multi-platform approach? Our panel of established and creative professionals will consider implications in choosing CG over stop frame, cost vs creativity, and deliberate on what commercial agencies want and what school’s are providing.

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18:00 | Sugarlesque | Brain Wash presents: SPECIAL FORM OF DENIAL

Short film body Brain Wash has teamed up with lingerie boutique Sugarlesque and Rushes Soho Shorts to present a series of shorts by acclaimed filmmaker Marc Blackie. Taking inspiration from Japanese erotic art and nudey shows of yesteryear, Blackie delves into the beautiful and twisted world of voyeurism, exhibitionism and erotica, with sometimes disturbing and comic visual metaphors in his series titled A Special Form of Denial.

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19:00 | Boat Party | RSSF NETWORKING NIGHT

Celebrating 10 years of Mosaic Networking

In association with Mosaic Networking, Directors’ Guild of Great Britain, Skillset, WFTV, we bring you an evening of revelry on board the Tattershall Castle. As well as celebrating mosaic 10th anniversary this is the perfect opportunity to meet new contacts as well as catch up with old ones. This informal networking could help you get your next project up and running. Stands from key sectors of the industry will be offering essential advice and information on various aspect of filmmaking. Or, if you want to relax and enjoy the view from the banks of the River Thames, you can do that too!

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www.mosaicnetworking.com   www.wftv.org.uk   www.fujifilm.co.uk   www.dggb.org


20:45 | ICA | STRAIGHT 8

straight 8, which has become one of Rushes’ most popular events, puts filmmakers into the unique position of seeing their own rushes at exactly the same time as the audience.

The brief is to shoot a film on one three-minute cartridge of super 8mm cine film. No editing is allowed, and the cartridge containing the film must be handed over exposed but undeveloped, along with a separate original soundtrack.

Because there’s no creative brief the resulting selection of films is always wildly diverse and the quality of the best films is astounding.

“There are no other film screenings that I know of where the audience sits with the directors, actors and crew to watch their film for the first time”, says straight 8 founder Ed Sayers, “apart from looking at the film through a viewfinder, they haven’t seen their work yet. Watching your film this way feels like both the fastest and slowest three minutes of your life at the same time.  And it’s brilliant that Rushes share our whole enthusiasm for that rawness of approach: ironic and refreshing coming from an organisation that’s all about technically polishing film.”

straight 8 is open to anyone anywhere – more details and past films are at www.straight8.net

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About Soho Shorts

We celebrate the wealth of talent working across all genres of short format productions. For us that means anything under 45minutes including fiction, factual, animation, music video, and digital content in every degree. Year round Soho Shorts helps curate programme across the UK and internationally. Contact us if you want to team up.


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