Italian Short Film Festivals

Imaginaria Film Festival (22-26 August 2012)

Taking place in August in Conversano (Bari), Imaginaria started ten years ago and along with the main shorts competition the festival hosts a special event called “Mutosonoro” which showcases some incredible silent film masterpieces with original soundtrack performed by a live orchestra.

www.imaginariafilmfestival.org // @imaginaria_ff

Con i minuti contati (27 August – 2 September 2012)

Con i minuti contati – International Short Film Festivals was established three years ago and is organized by “L’arca delle idee”, not profit organization devoted to promote the work of independent short filmmakers all over the world. The festival takes place in Montefalco, charming village in the heart of Umbria.

www.coniminuticontati.com // Facebook // @Short_Film_Fest

Circuito Off (29 August – 1 September 2012)

Founded in 2000, the festival takes place during the first week-end of the main Venice Film Festival and it has built a strong reputation as one of the most important video festival in Italy and in Europe. Circuito Off has always been exploring different genres among video creation, with a special attention for experimental videos and the relationship between cinema and art, music and fashion. This year the festival jury will be completely composed of women: Zoe Cassavetes, Diane Pernet, Geraldine Gomez and Catherine Champeyrol.

www.circuitooff.com  // Facebook // @circuitooff

Liquid Identities (28 – 30 September 2012)

Liquid Identities is an International Videoart Festival and Photo Exhibition organized by not profit organization International ArtExpoin Venice. The festival provides a significant forum for cultural dialogue between all artists from different cultures and countries. The selection is based on the main concept of “Liquid Identities” based on fluidity, motion, changing networks and cities transformations.

www.lucacurci.com/artexpo // Facebook // @artexpogroup

Sedicicorto (1-7 October 2012)

2012 marks the 7th edition of Sedicicorto International Film Festival which takes place in Forlì. The festival is divided into four competitive sections: Movie  –  International Fiction Films, Anima&Lab – International Animation & Experimental Films, DOC – International Documentary Films, Cortitalia – National Films of any genre.

www.sedicicorto.it // Facebook

Capalbio International Short Film Festival (October 2012)

Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival, one of the main Italian showcase of international short films, is organized by not profit organization 3D in collaboration with the Tuscany Film Commission. Alongside with the main competition, the festival holds three more sections: “A Corto di Diritti” dedicated to Human Rights, a Junior section and a focus on the most recent Italian short Films.

www.capalbiocinema.com // Facebook

Magma – mostra di cinema breve (December 2012)

Now going into its eleventh edition, Magma stands out as one of the best short film festivals in Italy. The festival takes place in Acireale (CT) and offers a chance of visibility to filmmakers who have difficulty getting their films adequately distributed. Its aim is to build a bridge between the audience and the endless forms of expression of the short format, ranging from documentaries to animation, from narratives to the experimental.

www.magmafestival.org // Facebook // @MagmaFestival

Cortoons – International Short Animated Film Festival of Rome (March 2013)

Cortoons is an International Festival going into its 10th edition, screening animated films. The festival wants to be an international showcase for artists and filmmakers giving special space to the independent cinema. Divided into 7 categories: Italian Short, International Short, International Short, School films, VFX, Animated Videoclip, Feature films. Alongside with the competition the festival hosts special events, exhibitions, meetings with directors and workshops.

www.cortoons.it // Facebook // @Cartoonfest

Arcipelago International Short Film Festival (June 2013)

Arcipelago is organized by not profit organization 3E-medi@ and takes place in Rome, each year in mid-June, hosted by the Intrastevere Multiscreen, right in the middle of the ancient heart of the city. Founded in 1992, it has become a true festival-lab open to experimental and underground films, to new technologies but also to the big names of international cinema.

www.arcipelagofilmfestival.org // Facebook

Maremetraggio (July 2013)

Marathon of short film screenings from all over the world with a selection of Italian debut works, as well as meetings with actors and directors, special events and workshops: these are the basic ingredients of Maremetraggio, International Short Film Festival and Debut Work, that will be held in Trieste next July.

www.maremetraggio.com // Facebook

Corto in Bra (July 2013)

The main competition is ‘Cinema Corto in Italy’ and is open to Italian fiction, documentary, animation and experimental short films. The aim of this section is to inspire visionary and inventive young Italians to tell stories about Italy that now more than ever is in search of a path towards economic, moral, political and cultural development. Besides the main competition there is an International Happy Shorts Competition dedicated to international short films able to take a humorous and ironic approach to telling stories.

www.cortoinbra.it // Facebook

Other International Italian Film Festivals

Asolo Art Film Festival
18-29 August 2012
Bergamo Film Meeting
9 – 17 March 2013
Bellaria Film festival
May-June 2013
Venice Film Festival
29 August 8 September 2012
BIF&ST – Bari International Film Festival
16 – 23 March 2013
May-June 2013
Salento International Film Festival
9- 15 September 2012
Roma Independent Film Festival
4 – 12 April 2013
Taormina Film Fest
June 2013
Milano Film Festival
12-23 September 2012
Festival del Cinema Europeo
9 – 13 April 2013
Pesaro Film Festival
24 June – 1 July 2013
Fano International Film Festival
18- 20 October 2012
Vittorio Veneto Film Festival
17-20 April 2013
Sicilia Queer Film Festival
June-July 2013
Imola Film Festival
Torino GLBT Film Festival
April 2013
Genova Film Festival
July 2013
Ozu Film Festival
9-18 November 2012
Future Film Festival
April 2013
Giffoni Film Festival
July 2013
Torino Film Festival
23 november- 1 december 2012
Linea D’Ombra
April 2013
Lago Film Festival
July 2013
Sulmonacinema Film Festival
December 2012
Trento Film Festival
May 2013
Lucania Film Festival
August 2013
Trieste Film Festival
17-23 January 2013
MIFF Milano Film Festival
May 2013
Napoli Film Festival

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