RSSF Official Selection 2012

THANK YOU very much to everyone who has entered this years festival.

Once again we’ve reviewed over 1200 entries from 50 plus countries and the competition has been tough. The work entered has been stronger than ever making the shortlisting process very tough. 15% of the work entered has made final selection for competition, and the work listed below represents only the tip of a very large and talented group that we wished we could promote in the festival.

Fujifilm Shorts will once again be screening in conjunction with Rushes, all awards being presented on 19th July. These film programmes will play alongside  non-competitive showcases of amazing work screening for free along with 50 events throughout the festival. The full programme of this years activities will go live on Monday 11 June.

We’d like you to join us as a Festival Delegate. Filmmakers who have submitted to the festival, irrespective of results, will have first access to booking events and screenings, much of which will be free or greatly discounted. Delegate Registration is open now. As last year, we are also hoping to hold a number of showcase programmes in the Autumn and Winter  screening work we couldn’t include in the festival line up, do check back for more information.

And so to our short listed films for RSSF 2012. Congratulations to everyone who has made the final selection.

Tickets will be on sale at the ICA next Friday.  Programme times are listed below. More info about films and filmmakers will be added over the next week.



#BUTTERZISTHELABEL directed by Wouter Westen (Circus Family Bv) 12:46  Netherlands

THE FORGOTTEN ENEMY directed by Samuel Williams (Glamorgan University) 03:19  UK

KARIBUNI LAMU directed by Georgia Scott & Sophia Scott  11:34  Kenya

BAGONG SILANG directed by Zena Merton  10:06  UK

THE QUAY directed by Richard Fleury (Skeletope Multimedia) 15:00  UK

TIMED directed by Mike Jones (Who Is Mike Jones Producitons) 07:37  UK

CENTREFOLD directed by Ellie land (Lynchpin) 09:14  UK

THREE BLIND MICE  directed by Chris Whitehead, Ian Miles (Film Infinity) 03:22  UK

SEEING THE FUNNY SIDE directed by Manos Ioannou (London Film School) 16:36  UK


CAROLYN’S DEAD directed by Deva Palmier (Deva Films)  11:37  UK

WALK TALL directed by Kate Sullivan 10:38  UK

PAINTING WITH 14 PERSONALITIESdirected by Tuyet Le (Patient 17 Ltd) 04:00  UK

BACK ON ROAD  directed by Fliss Buckles 09:23  UK

ABUELAS  directed by Afarin Eghbal (NFTS) 09:16  UK

BOWLING FOR FINCHLEY directed by Colum Eastwood (London Film School) 14:04  UK

ROGER THE REAL LIFE SUPERHERO directed by Cathy Macdonald (Earnest Productions) 10:18  UK

BABYISH  directed by Nick Jesper (Leafstorm / Jesper Films) 09:18  UK

SASSIE’S GRAN directed by Derville Quigley (Doubleband Films) 05:26  UK



JUNG  directed by  Mohammad Munir Malik  06:51  UK

MATCH HEAD  directed by  Ian Barnes  (Swing & Shift Films)  14:00  UK

PVT. CRAINE  directed by Ben Mallaby (Jigsaw)  01:55  UK

LONG DISTANCE INFORMATION directed by Douglas Hart (HSI London) 07:40  UK

PAINKILLER directed by Mustapha Kseibati (B3 Media / BBC Writersroom) 14:19  UK

ATROX ITER directed by Graham Page (Decoder Films) 01:28  UK

ONCE AND FOR ALL directed by Ben Strebel (Saloon Films) 08:18  UK

DYING, AND OTHER SUPERPOWERS directed by Elias Ribeiro (Urucu Media) 14:06  UK/SA

TAKING LIFE directed by Steve Reeves (Another Film Company) 14:12  UK

TWO GIRLS directed by Simon Tatum (I Miss Monster) 02:19  UK


82 directed by Calum Macdiarmid (Turn The Slate Productions Ltd) 07:45  UK

FREAK directed by Daniel Jerome Gill (Trail Blazer Pictures) 10:35  UK

SKIRT directed by Amanda Boyle (Academy Films) 05:16  UK

HENRY COWELL directed by Duncan Wellaway (Vennerfilm, Clockhouse) 14:00  UK

3 MILE RADIUS  directed by Lab Ky Mo (B3 Media) 15:30  UK

WAITING FOR CONKERS  directed by  Paul Gowers (Wilder) 03:36  UK

LOOKING FOR NEIL directed by Georgi Banks-Davies (Play People) 02:20  UK

THE TIDE directed by Luke Rodgers (Latent Talent) 10.45  UK

EYE LINE directed by Ryan Tohill, Andrew Tohill (Marine Media) 07:55  UK

GALLOP directed by Michael Pearce (Homecorp, MOTHER London) 10:50  UK



LA DÉTENTE directed by Pierre Ducos, Bertrand Bey (Not To Scale) 08:30  FRANCE

THIS IS NOT REAL directed by Gergely Wootsch (Royal College Of Art) 06:40  UK

WHISTLER  directed by Tokyoplastic (Picasso Pictures) 01:30  UK

ROBOTS OF BRIXTON directed by Kibwe Tavares (Factory Fifteen) 05:36  UK

PYTHAGASAURUS  directed by Peter Peake (Aardman Animations) 03:52  UK

BAO directed by Sandra Desmazières (Les Films De l’Arlequin) 11:21  FRANCE

THIS IS COLIN directed by Perrie Murphy 04:35  UK

CADAVER  directed by Jonah D. Ansell (Jams) 07:26  USA

BRADLEY MANNING HAD SECRETS   directed by Adam Butcher 05:30  UK

THE PUB directed by Joseph Pierce (59 Productions) 07:45  UK

AN ORGASM directed by Fred Joyeux (Krazy Bird) 01:20  FRANCE

MY BLOODY LAD directed by Deadwalter (Quad Productions) 02:34  FRANCE

CHERRYWOOD CANNON directed by Charlie Paul (Itch Film Ltd) 06.40  UK

MEGALOMANIA directed by Jonathan Gales (Factory Fifteen) 04:35  UK

CALVAIRE FRUITÉ directed by Eddy Loukil, Ghayth Chegaar, Victor Jardel 06:15  FRANCE


KAHANIKAR – THE STORYTELLER directed by Nandita Jain (NFTS) 10:02  UK

RONI directed by Andrea Schneider (Hslu Art&Design) 07:00  SWITZERLAND

CBEEBIES: SPRING OLLIE    directed by Matthias Hoegg (Beakus) 01:16  UK

PHONE HOME directed by The Brothers McLeod 02:23  UK


FRIENDSHEEP directed by Jaime Maestro (Primerframe) 07:00  SPAIN

FLORÊTTE directed by Gus Filgate & Paul Miller (Little Fish Films) 03:58  UK

A LONG DESCENT directed by Alex Dunford 05.32  UK

THE GOLDEN BIRD directed by Cat Bruce (Edinburgh College Of Art) 11:37  UK

NIGHT ISLAND directed by Salvador Maldonado (Breakthru Films) 06.15  UK

BOTANICAL NIGHTMARE directed by Tom Lucas (University Of Glamorgan) 03:59  UK

SLOW DEREK directed by Dan Ojari (Royal College Of Art) 08:12  UK

BERTIE CRISP directed by Francesca Adams (NFTS) 08:05  UK

PSYCHIC LAND directed by Pablo Gostanian  (2veinte) 02:00  ARGENTINA

ADDRESS IS APPROXIMATE directed by Tom Jenkins (The Theory) 02:40  UK


NEWCOMER PROGRAMME ONE Thurs 12 July, 18:30                                                               

WHITELANDS directed by Immanuel Von Bennigsen (Sovereign Productions) 14:00  UK

EXTRANJERO directed by Daniel Lumb, Crinan Campbell (Th2ng) 05:00  UK

HO HUM directed by Edward Copeland 06:29  UK

SoMe directed by Thom Haig, J G Harding (Neolight Project) 11:15  UK

CALLUM directed by Michael Van Der Put (Drama Centre London / 6bcc) 14:00  UK

QUIZMASTER directed by Sam Haire (University Of Bristol) 11:06  UK

HARRY directed by Jake White 08:15  UK

BIKE BUTTERFLY directed by Mike Wallis, Paul Dixon (Movemakeshake) 01:09  UK

THE NORTH LONDON BOOK OF THE DEAD directed by Jake Lushington (Pinata Productions) 14:59  UK

NEWCOMER PROGRAMME TWO Sat 14 July, 20:30                                                           

DAY 83 directed by Aled Matthews, Joe O’connor (University Of Glamorgan) 02:22  UK

MUM’S NOT IN directed by Claire Fowler 06:44  UK

EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE  directed by Dan Smyth (Factory Gate Productions) 14.14  UK

GAMMA directed by Jonathan Gales (Factory Fifteen) 06:47  UK

THE END directed by Ted Marcus  13:00  UK/USA

BLACK DUST directed by James Lawes (Pretzel Films) 11.28  UK

WILL YOU MARRY ME? directed by David Allain (Rankin Film Productions) 09:36  UK

SPECIAL DELIVERY directed by Graham Lester George (Small Change Films) 04:50  UK

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM directed by Giles Ripley (Pretzel Films) 05:22  UK

WHEN THE DUST SETTLES   directed by Tom Stewart (Manchester School Of Art) 10:36  UK


INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ONE  Sat 14 July, 14:30                                                         

GRANDMA MUST GET DRY directed by Alfredo Covelli (Arch Production Srl) 14:33  Italy

SONBURN  directed by Ella Carey (Tonto Films) 15.44  Australia

LA MIRADA PERDIDA directed by Damián Dionisio  (Osom Films) 11:00  Argentina

TROTTEUR  directed by Arnaud Brisebois, Francis Leclerc (Cirrus)  08:40  Canada

HALTLOS  directed by Tim Dünschede 12:48  Germany

THE GUEST directed by Jameal Ali (Delta Bay / Explosive Studios) 15:00  Bangladesh

THE HICCUP  directed by Matt Smukler (Hello & Company) 10:15  USA

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME TWO  Sun 15 July, 16:30                                                                         

THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF ROCKY directed by Kevin Meul (Visualantics) 13:36  Belgium

THE THING directed by Rhys Ernst 15:00  USA

CINDERELLA 3.0 directed by  Sebastian Harrer (Slm Film) 08:25  Germany

EILEEN PRATT directed by Michael Kratochvil (Legitimate Films) 14:59  Australia

UNSAID directed by Stevie Russell (Tidal) 11:20  Ireland

SUPERMAN, SPIDERMAN OR BATMAN  directed by Tudor Giurgiu (Libra Film Prods) 11:00  Romania

MOURN directed by Nils Gerbens (Kesselskramer) 08:18  Netherlands

DR GRORDBORT PRESENTS: THE DEADLIEST GAME directed by James Cunningham (Media Design School) 06:52  New Zealand


LONG FORM PROGRAMME ONE  Sat 14 July, 16:30                                                               

THE OTHER SIDE   directed by Khen Shalem (Little Us Films) 25:30  UK/ISRAEL

FRIDAY   directed by Seb Edwards  (Academy Films) 17:23  UK

PETER AT THE END directed by  Russ Lamoureux (Pushbroom Pictures Inc) 22:25   USA

THE FARMER’S WIFE  directed by Francis Lee (Cockfighter Films) 17:25  UK

GHOST IN THE MACHINE  directed by Oliver Krimpas (Threesixnine Films Ltd)   18:03  UK

LONG FORM PROGRAMME TWO  Sun 15 July, 18:30                                                            

THE FATHER directed by David Easteal  (David Easteal Film) 16:15  Australia

HOLD ON ME  directed by Samuel Abrahams  (Smuggler)  17:18  UK

FOR ELSIE directed by David Winstone (University Of Westminster) 23:00  UK

COWBOYS directed by James Alexandrou 17:53  UK

IS THIS A JOKE? directed by Tom Edmunds (Sure Thing Productions)  20:00  UK


PUSHING BOUNDARIES PROGRAMME  Fri 13 July, 20:30                                                                      

EVA’S FILM MAIN TITLES directed by Dvein (Dvein) 01:49  Spain

DIRT DEVIL – THE EXORCIST directed by Andreas Roth (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) 03:36  Germany

WEYLAND TALK, TED 2023  directed by Luke Scott  (RSA Films) 03:08  UK

GOLDEN AGE – SOMEWHERE directed by Paul Nicholls (Factory Fifteen) 04:35  UK

DYNAMIC BLOOMS directed by Tell No One  (Skin Flicks) 03:00  UK

SHIFT directed by Jimmy Yuan (Mirari & Co.) 00:43  Australia

GOOD BOOKS – METAMORPHOSIS   directed by Buck  (Friend)  USA

LIGHT directed by Sunday Paper (Rokkit)  01:27  USA

TATE directed by Double G Studios 00:50  UK

FELIXS MACHINES – QUAKE  directed by  Tom Mansfield  02:45  UK

SHIFT directed by Max Hattler  03.00  UK

SOULWAX – MACHINE directed by Saam Farahmand  (The House Of Curves) 02:22  UK

T4 ROBOTS REBRAND directed by Grant Gilbert, Tom Robinson (@Doublegstudios) 00:34  UK

RELEASE YOUR IMAGINATION directed by Stuart Bailey,Alexis Van De Haeghe (Realtimeuk) 00:43  UK

SLOTHS  directed by Punga (Not To Scale)  00:30  UK

BIRDS ON A WIRE  directed by Steve Scott (Not To Scale) 00:30  UK

THE WORLD IS WHERE WE LIVE  directed by Samuel Abrahams (Smuggler) 00.40  UK

THIS IS BRIGHTON directed by Caleb Yule  (Caleb Yule Pictures) 03:52  UK

CHIVAS REGAL 25  directed by Alon Ziv + Shay Hamias (Film Club) 03.08  UK

JACK DANIELS ‘TENNESSEE HONEY’  directed by Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures) 00:30  UK

RESONANCE UN-DIRECTED directed by Multiple Artists (Sr Partners) 01.43  Worldwide

GRINDIN’ directed by Rogier Van Der Zwaag (100% Halal) 02:50  Netherlands

INDUCTANCE  directed by Physalia/Gerardo Del Hierro (Physalia Studio) 01:21  Spain

SIBLING A/W12  directed by Sam Renwick & Thomas Bryant  02: 15  UK

NATURAL BEAUTY directed by Lernert & Sander (Blinkart)  03:00  UK

GEOMETRIC PORN directed by Luciano Foglia 00.57  UK

RE:AX AKA PEACE STARTS WITH ME directed by Max Hattler  01:29  UK

SKIN DEEP directed by Dario Attanasio & Dominik Danielewicz  (After Dark Prod) 00:51  UK

HONDA ‘CANNONBALL RUN’  directed by Dan Sumich (Passion Pictures) 02:10  UK

GENERATION TO GENERATION directed by Eran Hilleli (Xyz Studios) 01:02  Australia/Israel

SPECTRUM directed by Art & Graft (Art & Graft) 04:09  UK

THE WITCHER 2:  ASSASSINS OF KINGS (Cinematic Intro) directed by Tomek Baginski (Platige Image) 03:53  Poland

TODOR AND PETRU directed by CRCR (Friend) 02:03  France

BEAT IT  directed by Andrew Harmer (EntertainingTV) 01: 47  UK

AMNESTY – BREAK THE LAW OF SILENCE directed by CRCR (Friend) 01:08  France

BACK TO THE START directed by Johnny Kelly (Nexus Productions) 02:20  UK



MUSIC VIDEO PROGRAMME ONE Fri 13 July, 18:30                                                         

THE RAMSHACKLE UNION BAND // OVERBOARD directed by Arran Shearing (Greendale Prod.) 02:44  UK

ISODORA CRANE // INCINERATE  directed by  Andrey Levkovitch 05:15  Belarus

DUCK SAUCE // BIG BAD WOLF  directed by Keith Schofield  (Caviar in assoc. with Somesuch) 03:00  UK

CLOCK OPERA  // ONCE AND FOR ALL directed by Ben Strebel (Saloon Films) 04:56  UK

BLACK BLACK HILLS // THE CELEBRATION directed by Chris Strong, Jon Evans (Blac Ionica) 04:00  UK

THE SHOES // TIME TO DANCE directed by Daniel Wolfe (Somesuch & Co) 08:35  UK

KEATON HENSON // SMALL HANDS  directed by  Joseph Mann (Blinkink) 03:39  UK

MEMORY TAPES // YES I KNOW directed by  Eric Epstein  (M Ss Ng P Eces) 03:42  USA

MACCABES // PELICAN directed by David Wilson (Colonel Blimp) 03:52  UK

THE DØ // GONNA BE SICK   directed by Nez (Colonel Blimp) 03:44  UK

BONOBO // EYESDOWN (MACHINEDRUM REMIX) directed by Anthony Schepperd  03.55  UK

SLUGABED // SEX  directed by Chris Ullens 03:14  UK

WILEY // NUMBERS IN ACTION directed by Us (A+/Academy Films) 03:07  UK

KAISER CHIEFS // KINDA GIRL YOU ARE   directed by   Dan Sully (Love Commercial Prod. Co.) 02:49  UK

SPIRITUALIZED // HEY JANE  directed by Ag Rojas (Caviar In Association With Somesuch)  09:26  UK

MIIKE SNOW // THE WAVE  directed by Andreas Nilsson (Colonel Blimp) 04:06  USA

DE JEUGD VAN TEGENWOORDIG // ELEKTROTECHNIQUE   directed by  Lernert & Sander (Suikerdepot) 03:09  Netherlands

DELTA HEAVY // HOLD ME   directed by Kristofer Strom (Colonel Blimp & Blinkink) 03:15  UK

KING CREOSOTE & JON HOPKINS // BUBBLE directed by Elliot Dear (Blinkink)  04:09  UK

KINA GRANNIS // IN YOUR ARMS directed by Greg Jardin (@Radical.Media) 03:25  USA

MUSIC VIDEO PROGRAMME TWO Mon 16 July, 18:15                                                    

JARGON V.A ft TINIE TEMPAH // DISAPPOINT YOU directed by Ian Pons Jewell (Studio Murmur) 06:19  UK

PLAN B // ILL MANORS  directed by Yann Demange  (Rokkit) 03:48  UK

ED SHEERAN // LEGO HOUSE’  directed by Emil Nava  (Pulse Films)  04:05  UK

APPARAT  // GRANULARD BASTARD (COUNTDOWN)  directed by  Céline Desrumaux  (Passion Pictures)  03.43  UK

GHOSTPOET AND THE D.O.T. // TROUBLE  directed by  Unknown  (Passion RAW)  04:55  UK

CLOCK OPERA // LESSON NO. 7  directed by Aoife Mcardle (Agile Films)  06:00  UK

UNKLE // ANOTHER NIGHT OUT directed by Toby Dye (Black Dog / RSA Films)  05:12  UK

BAND OF SKULLS // BRUISES  directed by Joe Connor  (Chief Productions) 03:45  UK

FRIENDLY FIRES // HURTING directed by David Lewandowski  (Pulse Films) 04:05 UK

POLICE DOG HOGAN // SHITTY WHITE WINE  directed by  Fred Rowson  04:08  UK

LIZ GREEN // DISPLACEMENT SONG   directed by Kate Anderson (Dept.A @ Hsi London)  04:05  UK

GRAHAM COXON // WHAT’LL IT TAKE  directed by Ninian Doff  (Pulse Films) 04:29  UK

SOUND ARROWS // MAGIC   directed by Oskar Gullstrand & Andreas Öhman (Naive Ab) 04:12  Sweden

LITTLE DRAGON // CRYSTALFILM  directed by Daniel Wirtberg (Daemon Film) 04:25  Sweden

PORTER ROBINSON // SPITFIRE directed by Saman Keshavarz (Pulse Films) 01:53  UK

BENGA // I WILL NEVER CHANGE directed by Us (A+/Academy Films) 02:00  UK

THE HORRIBLE CROWES // BEHOLD THE HURRICANE directed by Corin Hardy (A+/Academy Films) 04:34  UK

SBTRKT // HOLD ON directed by Sam Pilling (Pulse Films) 03:35  UK

GAMESHOW OUTPATIENT // D N A U X B  directed by Tony Comley (Team Outpatient) 03:30  UK

KLUMZY TUNG // COUNTING SHEEP directed by Chris Bates (Skyhook) 04:13  UK


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